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Diocese of Hyderabad

Our Values

Our values are to be Christ-like, praying and praising God and trusting Him to provide for our needs and to empower us to use our gifts responsibly with openness and honesty: enjoying our diversity and showing respect to all.


To be Christ-like means to follow the example of Jesus Christ. This includes loving others, serving others, and forgiving others.

Diocese of Hyderabad​


Empowering us to use our gifts responsibly

The Diocese of Hyderabad can empower its members to use their gifts responsibly by providing opportunities for them to serve others and by encouraging them to use their gifts in creative ways.

Openness and honesty

Openness and honesty are essential for building trust and relationships. The Diocese of Hyderabad can be more open and honest by being transparent about its finances and by encouraging its members to be honest with each other.

Enjoying our diversity

The Diocese of Hyderabad can be more welcoming and inclusive by celebrating its diversity and by creating a culture of respect for all people.

Respect to all

The Diocese of Hyderabad can show respect to all by listening to others, by being tolerant of different opinions, and by avoiding discrimination.

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Diocese of Hyderabad

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